Aerial Surveillance improves existing layered Security Systems

Drone Guards. Aerial Surveillance South Africa

The ‘Defense in Depth’ approach 

A proven approach to intelligence of activity looks at answering Who does What and Where.  This is as important in security applications for managing unwanted intrusions, as it is true for other areas of resource control or management. This is where aerial surveillance adds value to existing layered security systems.

The ‘WHO’ question is mostly answered once  an intruder is apprehended, but this hardly happens if the other two parts to the equation are not first attended to.

The world is moving to the use of drones in combination with widely dispersed intelligent sensors for improving on most aspects of work, delivery, monitoring and controlling the wider work and living environment.

More and more estates (residential, industrial, office and mining) are looking at intelligent sensors and aerial surveillance to draw attention to ‘WHERE’ unwanted activity is taking place, and ‘WHAT’ the intruders are doing, followed up by a reaction force intervention.

Aerial Surveillance & Sensor Solutions

Drone Guards and Lixodex in collaboration, provide the intelligent sensor solutions and a fully licensed drone service respectively, to ensure that you are capable of knowing ‘WHERE’ intrusions take place and quickly know ‘WHAT’ intruders are doing, or ‘WHERE’ they are moving following initial detection of the intrusion.

Imagine an efficient system which includes a series of perimeter sensors, detecting a fence breach, quick aerial surveillance response to inspect and follow suspects, and armed response to apprehend. That is if the aerial surveillance has not prevented the crime from occurring in the first instance. 

Contact Drone Guards or Lixodex for a demonstration on your site or for more information on how your assets can be protected.

Drone Guards. Aerial Surveillance South AfricaLixodex

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