Drone Security & Surveillance

Securing People and High Value Assets through Aerial Security Surveillance

Your Eyes in the Sky

We are licensed to fly at night, over people and property, and in controlled airspace.
We work all over Africa with your local regulator's permission.
Each drone we operate is insured for third-party liablity.


Aerial Surveillance technology has been proven globally to be one the most effective ways of protecting people & property.


It is imperative to operate Drones safely and within aviation regulations. Drone Guards is part of the UAV Aerial Works group of companies.


Our pilots and support operators are tactically trained, regulated by the SACAA and work to specific and high standard operating procedures.


Drone Guards uses the latest technology in the unmanned aerial surveillance space. In conjunction with security personnel on the ground, we form a formidable deterrent to crime.


We strongly believe in the development of the team and the individual. Every pilot holds a Remote Pilot's License and is tactically trained to execute security missions.


Deployment of our pilots at locations can be done covertly or as part of a visible deterrent. Randomisation is our mathematical counter to minimise cost and achieve a predictable outcome.

You benefit from an added layer
of defense which is...

Airborne and quick to the scene

Thermally equipped to see at night

Tireless and precise on the patrol route

Visible when required

Versatile and able to follow suspects

Thermal Imaging

High specification thermal cameras put eyes in the sky enabling full situational awareness in complete darkness.


Our drones are insured for third party liability to ensure peace of mind.


Privacy is of utmost importance to us. Your data is secure and protected.

Our Testimonials

“Drone Guards is a highly professional team and a pleasure to work with. No-nonsense approach to business. I highly recommend them”​
Security Committee Member
“We needed someone on short notice to perform a highly sensitive security operation. Drone Guards responded immediately to my unreasonably dangerous request.”​
Mine Security Manager

Our Management Team

Leading from the front

Managing Director

Engineer with an MBA from UCT. Experienced business leader. Manned pilot, commercial drone pilot, instructor & DRE.

Director | Safety

HR specialist with a Masters degree from Middlesex University. KJ leads our people processes and keeps our organisation safe to fly.

Director | Operations

Previous Commanding Officer of 35 Squadron in the SA Air Force and with more than 4,500 military flying hours. Drone pilot & Instructor.

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