About us

Who we are

Although security companies the world over adapt quickly to new technologies, airborne drones pose a unique problem as a result of proximity to manned aircraft in controlled airspace. Drone Guards solves this problem by providing pilots, drones and software systems to add a layer to existing security operations.

The Drone Guards management team has years of experience in military and civil aviation and are experts at providing safe operations.

As part of the UAV Aerial Works group of companies we provide a licensed operation adhering to the Civil Aviation Regulations as defined in Part 101. We strive to be the drone security operator of choice because of our innovative approach to drone security missions.

Our Mission

To use the latest drone technology in the unmanned aerial surveillance space to prevent crime and make people feel more secure.

Our Vision

To make a meaningful difference by securing high value assets, and in the process, serving communities to be better-off.

Our Values

SAFETY is our NUMBER ONE priority
INTEGRITY is honesty and strong moral principles
QUALITY means 'doing things right, the first time'

Drone Guards Drone Night Flight

Our Dream

Security creates wealth

The Drone Guards dream is to make a meaningful difference to society by securing high value assets, and in the process serving communities to be better-off. We stand for a higher purpose, one where we give communities the ability to protect their assets and in turn, an opportunity to grow economically.

Countries compete against each other to attract capital. In developing countries like South Africa, this capital could be provided by large local companies themselves, but many times we measure a countries’ success in terms of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), i.e. people from other countries investing their money in ours. FDI creates wealth, because capital enables local companies to buy equipment, hire people and pay taxes. Communities are uplifted and pulled out of poverty because of capital provision.

However, investment capital will not be forthcoming where the investment can disappear because of criminal activity. Imagine a mine where equipment is bought and deployed, but where theft and arson destroy these tools of production. To attract capital, security is of critical importance. Capital intensive projects need highly qualified people to execute the plan, and these people want to feel safe in their place of abode. The rise of security estates in Africa is testament to this need, and Drone Guards can help in securing the human capital required to attract and retain investment.

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Affiliations & Memberships

Drone Guards is a member of CUAASA through UAV Aerial Works
Drone Guards is a member of Drone Council South Africa
Drone Guards is a member of Women And Drones through UAV Aerial Works