The Drone Industry from the View of an Aerial Works Newbie 

The 5th Virtual Exchange Session under the theme Fostering Gender Equality in the Aviation Industry

Are new-collar jobs offered by the drone industry the answer to the country’s ever-increasing unemployment woes?  

Are the applications we see in the drone industry solving the myriad of socio-economic challenges we face as a nation? 

These are a couple of the questions that engulfed my mind during the recent 5th Virtual Exchange Session. Drones are playing a significant role in different industries and what’s more, amazing individuals are working tirelessly behind the scenes. 

Drone applications alleviating social ills

The applications are endless, from identifying poachers of rare wildlife to improving crop yields using data mined by drones. Applications such as using drones in the fight against crime and damage to critical infrastructure are now considered a must.  

Our crime statistics especially in major metros are staggering and the situation in the country speaks volumes and underscores the need for all hands on deck. We need to think of and consider any methods to drop these alarming levels of crime we see in our statistics quarterly.  

Ladies like Kholeka Ndlangamandla are at the frontline of these concerted efforts to eradicate crime. Ndlangamandla is a UAV Aerial Works drone operator and Drone Guards team leader at a high-value site.

Speaking at the session, Ndlangamandla’s work involves safeguarding a national key point which is a mammoth task. This great responsibility comes with huge sacrifices, constant strategizing to catch the criminals and late nights on shifts.  

Yes, drones will not solve all our problems, but we can maximize their potential and create careers that technically never existed before the advent of drones.  

I am aware that we still need to evolve legislation, and slowly integrate these applications into everyday life but can drones be the answer? Definitely, yes… 

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